About us

Founded in 2021 by team of security professionals and now managed under eLearn Programming. Fisa Academy has come a long way since its beginnings. When we first started, our passion for Cyber ​​Security Expert Academy is to provide the best Cyber ​​Security training. Fisa Academy is a global electronic, physical, practical learning platform dedicated to teaching students, employees, and Cyber ​​Security enthusiasts advanced cyber security skills. We are committed to building the best learning experience to improve cybersecurity and are proud to be part of the Internet and its limitless opportunities to provide learning space for IT security professionals and students.

  • Our Vision - Excellence, innovation and a passionate spirit behind the latest technological developments will be the defining factor of the Fisa Academy, which grows and it is perfected as a multidimensional center for the development of technological skills in young people and is nurtured by them and the success of their careers.

  • Our Mission - To prepare each participant and to guarantee them that they will gain professional knowledge and skills which will serve as foundation on their path to a successful carrer

  • Our Strategy - To master new skills, we use the process of "knowledge architecture", which properly uses all modern ways of transferring knowledge. The result is faster absorption of new information. This new methodology allows three to four times more engagement during lectures and teaching in order to make it possible to acquire knowledge in a short time, whether you are studying traditionally or distance learning.

Why FISA ?

Fisa Academy will provide professional training mainly related to innovation, technology and the digital world. Some of the reasons why each should become part of the Fisa Academy:

  • Employment opportunities - FISA Academy students will be offered employment opportunities with our partner.

  • Expert instructors - FISA instructors are among the best in the fields of programming, cyber security and network.

  • Proffessional growth - Professional growth, specialization and opportunities for career advancement

Our Partners